Korean Music Project

Korean Music Project 2018 & Intercultural Composition

Myungwon Yoon, President, The Society for New Korean Music
Eunah Noh, Haegum Player


Kyoungsun Cho, Geomungo Player











One of the focal themes of OBFCS 2018 is intercultural music. The symposium will feature a delegation of seven composers and three performers from The Society for New Korean Music, which will present a variety of offerings for the entire symposium:

  • Lectures, workshops, and master classes by our three guest performers about their instruments and musical traditions;
  • A concert of traditional Korean music given by our three renowned guest performers;
  • Lecture/presentations by our guest composers;
  • A concert of intercultural music given by our three guest performers and University of Oregon Woodwind Quintet, featuring five works by our Korean guest composers and five works by symposium participants.

How to apply to compose an intercultural work

As a composer or composer/performer, if you are interested in being considered for the option of creating a work for our Korean guest performers and woodwind instruments, then please be sure to fill out the “Korean Music Project 2018: Intercultural Composition” section in the online application form.

Our guest artists from The Society of New Korean Music will be:


  • Myungwon Yoon, President (Dankook University)
  • Inpyong Chun (Chungang University)
  • HyunJung Ahn (Ewha Womans University)
  • HyeRan Kim (Ewha Womans University)
  • Jiyeon Jeon (Ewha Womans University)
  • Yeajin Lee (Seoul National University)
  • Jinseob Shim (Dankook University)


  • Eunah Noh (Seoul Institute of the Arts)—Haegum Player
  • Sumi Kim (Seoul National University)—Pansori Singer
  • Kyoungsun Cho (Seoul National University of Education)—Geomungo Player

How to apply for a Private Session & Public Master Classes with a Korean Master Musicians

If you are a Pansori Singer, Haegum Player, or a Geomungo Player, then apply for a private session and master class under “Performer” (Category III). Given your performance area, you will have a private session and play for a public master class under the mentorship of Sumi Kim (Pansori Singer), Eunil Kang (Haegum Player), or Yunjeong Heo (Geomungo Player).

How to apply for Gamelan (Intercultural Composition)

If you are interested in intercultural composition in particular, then please also sign up for the Balinese Gamelan (Category VI) in the online application form, which can be accessed through the “How to Apply” page. As a member of the gamelan ensemble you will learn to perform and compose, and your work will be played at our “Gamelan Celebration Concert” on the final evening of the symposium. Please note: No previous experience in gamelan performance or composition is required for participation in this offering!

Application Deadlines:

Early Notification:
Monday, April 16, 2018

Final Deadline:
Monday, April 30, 2018

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications by the early notification deadline; we will start to make admissions decisions at that time and promptly notify participants of their status.

Apply to participate for:

All composers are strongly encouraged to apply in the category of “composer/performer” so that they can participate in the American Creators Ensemble (ACE), which will enhance their experience as members of an engaged community of collaborative artists.