American Creators Ensemble


To perform as a member of American Creators Ensemble (ACE), please apply in any of the following categories:

  • Composer/Performer;
  • Performer (including the OBFCS Vocal Fellows Program);
  • Conductor.

In these turbulent economic times, the future of the new music field will most likely be a challenging one. Now more than ever, we must work together as a community of composers and performers in order to further develop and strengthen our common artistic values and aspirations, especially in the face of financial hardship. We have the power to ensure that the arts survive, and for participants in the OBFCS, our efforts in 2016 are focused on the creation, performance, and recording of new music.

This year, the ACE will consist of diverse instrumental ensembles and a Vocal Fellows Program; ACE is the first national composers/performers ensemble that features both vocal and instrumental music. The membership of the ensemble is all symposium participants who are accepted in Category II (Composer/Performer), Category III (Performers, including the OBFCS Vocal Fellows Program), and Category IV (Conductors). ACE members will be mentored by the OBFCS Guest Artists and “Performer’s Showcase” artists.

OBFCS Vocal Fellows Program

Teacher & Mentor: Estelí Gomez

In 2016, the symposium will feature a new program: the OBFCS Vocal Fellows Program. Vocalists who apply for this program will prepare music by at least two composers who are symposium participants, as well as one repertoire work of their choosing. The Vocal Fellows will be mentored by Estelí Gomez in master classes and rehearsals, as they prepare for performances of their three works on symposium concerts. Please note: Applicants for this program should submit a performance CD as specified in the application instructions.

Instrumental Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra

Teachers & Mentors: OBFCS Guest Artists and “Performer’s Showcase” Artists

In 2016, the instruments in ACE will be as follows (with multiple instruments being accepted in some sections):

Flute (Piccolo, Alto Flute)
Oboe (English Horn)
Saxophone (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and/or Baritone)
Clarinet (Bass Clarinet)
Trombone (Bass Trombone)
Percussion (including Vibraphone &/or Marimba)

This year, the mentors for the instrumental ensemble will be OBFCS Guest Artists (Molly Barth, Dieter Hennings, James Shields, Searmi Park, Jeffrey Zeigler, Pius Cheung) and “Performer’s Showcase” artists. Please note: Applicants should submit a CD that includes examples of their playing, as specified under Categories II, III & IV of the application.

Application Deadlines:

Early Decision:
Monday, April 11, 2016

Final Application Deadline:
Extended to Monday, May 2, 2016!

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications by the early decision deadline; we will start to make admissions decisions at that time.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications will continue to be accepted through Monday, May 2, 2016, which is the extended application deadline.